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Pastor Rob Krajewski

Pastor Rob will be writing his own bio for this page along with his own welcome message. In the meantime, let us just say that we, the congregation of Salem Lutheran Church of Oxford, consider ourselves blessed beyond words that Pr. Rob has decided to become our pastor. The story of how Pr. Rob's coming to Salem is an interesting one and that, too, will be appearing on this page in the not-too-distant future. Safe to say for now, Angie's List had something to do with it.

The congregation wishes to extend to all who read this page that you are most welcome to join with us on Sunday mornings as we worship our Lord Jesus Christ. Our service is relatively low-key which does not at all reflect on its sincerity but, rather, is not "high-church."

Again, thank you for reading our website and we pray that the information and messages conveyed here will bless you in your journey toward the Cross. If you would like to visit us here at Salem Lutheran, you can be assured that you will find us a place of welcome and hospitality.