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Yes, we are "out in the country" which basically means the term "metro" doesn't apply here. Actually only 5 miles from North Branch, 9 miles from Isanti, and about 11 miles from Cambridge, Salem is handy to all sorts of population centers...just not "in them."

Salem Lutheran Church hopes you will join us for worship and fellowship! Coming from North Branch, go west on Hwy. 95 to Hwy 13 (Isanti Trail) and go left. Follow Isanti Trail until you get to Isanti County Road 18 and go left. Head south down 18 (it will zig right and then left) until you nearly reach Isanti County Road 9 (17 in Chisago County). Salem is at the corner of 9 and 18 (Furman St. NE) From the south, come up I-35 and exit west at County Road 17 (new bridge). Head west until you get to County Road 18. The highway will have changed names to #9 as you enter Isanti County.

We are a friendly and warm Lutheran Church in the woods that will happily welcome you and your family for worship and coffee and treats afterwards. The coffee is good...the treats are plentiful